The Best Gifts for New Moms

Have a friend or a family member who just became a new mother? Give her some of the coolest gifts and treat her in the best way! While flowers and congratulations cards are cute, here are some other items you can add to your gift pack when you visit her for the first time after the baby’s arrival.

Breastfeeding Clothes

One thing that is really important for breastfeeding mothers are clothes that makes it easier for them to feed their baby and ease the soreness after feeding. Some of the clothes made for breastfeeding mothers will include breastfeeding bras, breast-pump bras, nursing shawls, nursing shirts, dresses and nightgowns. These items are made of comfortable material that will be convenient to use than normal clothes.

Tote Bags

Now that she has a little one to take care of, for every trip she has to take, she will have to carry the stuff of the baby such as the diapers and feeding bottles. Gift her with a tote bag where she can carry all of the baby’s items. Make sure you choose a bag that has more space and can carry a fair amount of weight. You will also be able to find these bags in many colours and designs so if your friend is a fan of fashion and matching her outfits you can actually try to match the bag with any dresses or shirts you give her.

Travel Mugs

New mothers’ days can get really busy and packed. Especially if they are working moms too. Get them a travel mug to carry their favourite drinks in it so they can stay fresh throughout the day because the first few days as a new mom will be tiring. You can make the gift even better by making a personalized mug or cup that will include a cute or a funny message or even phrases such as “New Mom”.

Self-Care Kit

Mothers need a lot of physical and mental health care after the birth of a baby. Especially moms who are new to this experience. Gifting them a self-care pack that will include items such as body oils, moisturizers, nipple cream, soothing balms, heating/cooling pads, nursing pads and healing salves that helps to heal after having a C-section. You can also include any magazines or books that will include tips for new moms, mental care tips and other important advice.

Healthy Snacks

It is not always easy to breastfeed. Mothers need to eat healthy food items in order to be able to feed their babies. If you are looking for something to take with you when you are visiting a new mom, snacks such as oatmeal cookies or lactation cookies and other healthy food items that include galactagogues (foods/herbs/drugs that promote milk production) will make a good gift.

With all the excitement of having a new little baby around the house, moms tend to forget to look after themselves. Giving them a gift that will make her experience as a new mom more comfortable will show her how much you care for them.

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