Pairing Up The Perfect Christmas Outfit With Minimal Effort

It’s December and the season for holiday parties has arrived. Whether it’s an office party or dinner with your entire family, looking your best is very important, isn’t it? But with all the Christmas shopping and decoration, your budget is bound to be very tight. But there is absolutely no need to buy a new frock every year or browse for expensive jewellery that complement each outfit. Even though “party” and “minimalistic” are words that almost never go together, worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few simple tips for you to put an outfit together with minimal effort, without breaking the bank.

Your outfit

Festive colours such as dark blue, red and green are your best bet to slay your look. You do not have to make sure all the pieces are of these colours but pairing them with normal everyday colours would  be an epic combination; so, no you don’t have to be in a rut trying to find pieces that match. Another option is to deviate from the traditional range of colours associated with Christmas, such as grey or metallic gold.

You could try pairing a dark blue or green blouse with simple dark wash jeans, or a mini cherry red pencil skirt, paired with black stockings, a white crop top and a trench coat to keep you warm, will never disappoint.


With amazing trends in makeup and hairstyles arising to the surface of the fashion industry, accessorizing has come to be kept classy and minimalistic. Since Christmas is the season to be merry and shiny, simple gold or silver accessories are bound to make you look your most chic self.

What’s more is that purchasing a pair of  bold earrings or a  dazzling necklace in gold or silver would be an amazing addition to your wardrobe since it would not be limited to a particular season but also to pump up your everyday outfits, since they never go out of style! You could try pairing gold cross earrings that go with almost any outfit. They are sure to turn heads your way.


This one is obvious, A pair of brown or black boots in any style you prefer is bound to make you look better than spectacular. If boots are not your forte, there are always a myriad of other suggestions that might suit your needs  such as shoes that come in neon colours or classic black pumps, because why not? On that note, be aware that footwear with thin heels or heels that are too tall might make your feet sore and let you have less fun at the party than you deserve to. You could try brown lace-up boots.

Now that we have put the best tips and tricks for you inside your gift sock, don’t forget that you will only be able to look your best self if you are warm and comfortable in your outfit choice. Fashion tips are essential but make sure you do girl!

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