Matching Your Shoes with Your Outfit

Coordinating your appearance definitely isn’t easy. It takes patience and research to perfect the art of flawlessly balancing out your outfit from head to toe. Here are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind when styling and pairing certain types of shoes up with an outfit.


If you get these gorgeous designer shoes online, it would be a crime if you didn’t know how to pair them right! If you’re looking for elegance, sophistication and a well-rounded eye-catching look, pair these with long skirts or ankle-revealing pants. It’s a must-wear for events, parties and any formal gathering. They give off a more daring look, however, when styled with miniskirts and shorts.


Peep-toes do great work with accentuating your legs so its best look is when paired with a skirt or dress. However, if you’re going for flats, then it’s better that you wear them with your everyday casual wear as these give a more laidback, on-the-go effect. So in that case, pairing with leggings/jeggings would be your safest bet.


These are essentially high heels that are closed at the top. These shoes give you an urban, trendy appeal and for an exceptional pairing, look to dress them in pantsuits, pencil skirts and short dresses. But they can give a chic look to just about any formal wear you need for the occasion.

Small Heels

While high heels are great when it comes to showing off your natural beauty, it might not be everyone’s preference. In which case, this is your second best option. Smaller heels can be your compromise and are a perfect match for office wear.


You can dress-up any type of outfit with a pair of boots by your side so let’s not restrict wearing boots to a particular season. Complete that charming look by pairing your ankle-high boots with a casual dress or an outfit with a leather jacket and jeans!


Gladiators have a complicated history but they’ve become a modern trend as of late. These shoes come in different sizes- ankle length, calf length, knee length etc. They’re a perfect accessory for boho-inspired outfits but really, you can pair an ankle length shoe with any cute, breezy dress and you’re good to go!

Slip-on Shoes

These once again have had a troubled relationship with society but they’ve come out on top the past few years. As the name suggests, you can just slip these shoes on for a casual look so they go with pretty much anything that doesn’t require too much of fancy flair to it.


While these are traditionally used for exercise purposes, over the years they’ve become too fashionable to resist when pairing on other occasions. Coming in various colours and designs, trainers too are for more casual looks but they also uplift your appearance. You can pair them with casual t-shirt dresses, denim outfits etc.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to dress your shoes- and plenty more where that’s from! Stick to the basics, work your way up and you’ll be left with a trendy, elevated appearance!

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